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Who I am

I am a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards) music producer and songwriter with solid intuition for rhythm and good knowledge of music theory.

Mixing engineer with 4 years experience in live music sound and almost 15 years of music production as a hobby or as a necessity for my personal musical projects.

The live sound engineering experience in particular really put me under different challenges teaching me so much about audio but unexpectedly even more about arrangement and composition by allowing me to observe different artists, different songs and different instrumentations and their sonic impact on the room and emotional impact on the audience.

My musical influences need a paragraph of their own because growing up in the early 2000's with all the internet and portable music technologies and being a kid that obsessed over one thing for a while then moved to the next obsession, I really enjoyed a wide variety of music to get hooked onto.

Playing various instruments since I was a teenager also allowed me to really lose myself in every little nuance of the music I was obsessed with, learning it in detail on every instrument I picked up.

If you're really that curious...

Music was always my obsession since I was 9, approaching the keyboard trying to reproduce my favourite cartoons themes by ear.

As a 2000's kid, I had the infamous NOKIA 3310 at the age of 11 and I was using its composer program to create my favourite anime soundtracks as ringtones.
I didn't even know what all those values meant (8, 16, 32 etc...) all I knew was they were changing the length of the notes.

At the age of 14 I started learning the guitar and bass practicing on my favourite Nu-Metal and Death Metal records.

I started playing the drums at the age of 19, inspired by Avenged Sevenfold's drummer Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan, after learning the basics just by air-drumming on my desk 'til my fingers got red!

For all these years since I was 14 I was transcribing by ear songs that I loved on a software called Guitar Pro, which was the first software I had that allowed me to hear the music I was writing down and that obsessive hobby taught me so much about musical arrangement and orchestration

At the age of 21 I picked up the keyboards again, to learn classical piano this time and started taking private lessons learning how to read sheet music, theory and composition.

At the same time I was the leader, singer-songwriter and guitarist for an Arctic Monkeys copycat band called Sunday Socks.

In 2015, at the age of 24, I moved to London to follow my rock & roll dream inspired by the classics (Beatles, Kinks, Rolling Stones) and by British and American indie bands of the 2000's (Arctic Monkeys, Libertines, The Strokes, Cage The Elephant, The Black Keys).

In 2017 I started a band called 'The Kiddiwinks' in which I was the singer-songwriter and bass player, but I was already starting to produce our own music to use as demos.

My first mixing works were for my band's EP and Album.






In 2019 I started producing a new style of music that I was making for my band taking influences from different modern genres like ElectroPop, Trap, Afrobeats and R&B.


In the last 2 years I've been working a lot on improving my skills as a producer and mixing engineer working with different artists, of which you can hear something on my Production Projects and Mixing Works pages.

Mr. Monsef on drums 2011
Mr. Monsef Kid Keyboard
Mr. Monsef Guitar and Singing

Let's get in touch!

I'm always happy to have a chat with the artist to talk about your vision and to answer your questions!

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